There are many reasons why you should start using Google Tag Manager right away. The list of advantages is pretty long, so we are going to mention the ones that truly make Google Tag Manager special and powerful tool.

  • First and foremost it is a completely free tool with vast number of robust features which are easy to apply and will give you enough space to create and implement complex and customized tags on your website. This tool will also make it easy for you to keep track of various resources available on the web and your website. It also comes with version control built-in, which archives all of the tags that were created. This will allow you to easily roll back, troubleshoot, see who and when made the changes and keep the tags well organized.
  • When it comes to using Google Tag Manager, you don’t have to be a programmer. Start with inserting the Container Tag and you can start creating, changing or debugging your tags right away. GTM requires minimal amount of coding, but only for complex tags; the simpler ones can literally be written without a single line of code. It will save you a lot of time, and that’s why it is a great tool, because you will have more time to focus on other things as well. If you want to study about this tool or improve your skills you can easily find material online, since it became very popular. Besides saving you a lot of time, it will also speed up your website, because Google Tag Manager loads asynchronously, allowing the rest of your page to load at the same time separately.
  • We mentioned before that your options with this tool are limitless, and how it can work with Google Analytics, but you can use it with more than just Google products. AdRoll, comScore, Marin are predefined tags which can be used with GTM. If there isn’t a predefined tag, just customize one. And it is worth mentioning that you can use Google Tag Manager not only on your website but also on iOS and Android apps.
  • When it comes to maintaining the website there are many concerns, one of the biggest is security. There is no need for you to worry about this because Google Tag Manager offers all the security features you might need. One amazing feature is two-step authentication which requires password and then numerical code which you can receive via SMS, voice call or app. You will be able to control who has access and revoke it any time. You get to decide who can view, edit, publish, and make updates by creating and granting different levels of permission.
  • Before publishing tags you will need to make sure that they work, and that’s also where Google Tag Manager jumps in. GTM has a built-in debug feature, which will allow you to personally debug and test each tag or update on your actual website before publishing them for the public. This is very important since you can check and take a look at the changes, which can easily be changed if you decide that you don’t like them in the end. Google Chrome offers an extension called Tag Assistant which can help you even more when it comes to debugging.
  • Lastly, this tool is great for enterprises or various teams that are in charge of making the changes on the website. Google Tag Manager offers a feature called Workspaces and environments which makes it easy for individuals to divide the space in order to test their tags. This feature will also help you to keep your Container Tag organized and keep the tags that should be tested and the ones that will be published separate.