Measuring, data and reporting solutions using Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Data Studio and many more tools

What is DataPack?

Solverhood proudly presents DataPack, a custom made service package that provides measuring, data and reporting solutions using Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Data Studio and many more tools.

Reports and analysis can be complicated and confusing, and that’s why we created DataPack for you. It ensures that your business gets the boost it needs to rise to the top, and it includes the training you need to keep it there.
We have years of experience in measuring, executing and optimizing marketing campaigns.

How does DataPack work?

Our team will
  1. Help you understand the potential of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio and how it could help your business.
  2. Understand your goals in order to create custom-made solutions you need.
  3. Provide the framework and integrations you need for successful digital marketing and reporting.
  4. Guarantee that your reporting is perfectly matched with your goals so that you could be confident in your results.
We do it by
  1. Creating and implementing a Google Analytics plan specifically designed to target your goals and provide the analysis you need for improvement.
  2. Using Google Tag Manager, leading tag management solution that includes data layer consultancy, implementation, debugging, and quality assurance in order to track data.
  3. Developing personalized, real-time reports that are not time-consuming and are easy to understand, by using Google Data Studio.
  4. Providing the training you need in order to understand how to use these tool successfully.
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Google Tag Manager

  • General Setup and Integration
  • Enhanced Ecommerce Integration
  • Scroll Depth, Video Plays, Video Actions
  • Form Submissions, Conversions
  • Double Click Tags, File Downloads
  • Tool Inputs and Outputs
  • Calculator Usage
  • Outbound Links & Affiliate Links
  • Custom Marketing Tracking

Google Analytics

  • E-commerce Integration
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Custom Dimensions
  • Funnels, Event tracking
  • Remarketing setup
  • Cross-domain tracking
  • Phone call tracking
  • User-id tracking

Google Data Studio

  • Set-up, custom reports building
  • Support and training
  • Integrations:
    • Google Adwords
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Sheets, BigQuery
    • MySQL, PostgreSQL
    • Facebook Ads
    • 3rd Party Media
    • All Data Sources

E-commerce Solutions

  • Conversion Optimization
  • Deep User Behaviour Analysis
  • Enhanced Ecommerce Integration
  • Custom Dashboards, reports with Google Analytics & Data Studio
  • Integrations with Ad Channels, CRM, marketing tools
  • Goal & Conversion setup

I don't usually write a personal message about my experiences, but this was warranted. If you want to work with someone or get something done with passion, love, and with your best interest at hand, then please look no further. These guys will do their upmost best to get the results you are looking...

See the proof Jason Swann  -  Rising Routes, USA

Erman and his team are Top Notch!

See the proof David Bradford  -  Fluent Worlds, VIEW, USA

Another excellent work of Erman and his team. Fixed security issues on our website in a few hours. They knew exactly what to do to solve the problem. A real professional team. We will be happy to work together again.

See the proof Carlos Arroyo Narvaez  -  Turnkey Point, Spain

Great first experience with Erman. You'd better hire him quickly because I'm trying to find a way to keep him all to myself.

See the proof Kenrick Callwood  -  Plo Quick PRO, USA

Get Started

    Beginner DataPack

    In just two hours, we can complete any service listed above.

    Beginner DataPack for $150
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    Intermediate DataPack

    A custom made package which includes a combination of listed services, as well as the training.

    Intermediate DataPack for $600
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    Advanced DataPack + Conversion Rate Optimization

    This includes deep tracking metrics, user analysis, custom dashboards, automated reporting and many other services you wouldn’t even dream of. The biggest advantage of this option is that it includes an advanced training.

    Advanced DataPack for $1800
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