AdPack is a package that provides Google Ads (formerly Google Ads) account setup, optimization, consultation and training (live + documented).

What is AdPack?

Ads is your all-in-one management, consultation, and training service that allows you to finally take charge and make the most out of your advertising. We help you set up your Google Ads account and give you all the tools necessary to use it effectively.

It is a 6-weeks service that includes the setup, daily optimizations, educational calls, and training. AdPack will also provide you the knowledge, tools and a blueprint to manage your account on your own.

Our Team Will
  1. Measure and report your ROI (return on investment) to understand whether or not you’re really getting your money’s worth out of AdWords advertising.
  2. Optimize and manage your campaigns so that you pay less for your clicks and find the target audience you actually want.
  3. Increase lead generation, conversion rates, and sales through more effective campaigns.
  4. Help you develop a more organized campaign structure that makes it easier to analyze and track your campaign.
  5. Give you the training and tools you need to actually understand how to create and manage campaigns on your own after we leave.
We do it by
  1. Conducting in-depth analysis to find out how you can optimize your AdWords account, campaigns and landing pages.
  2. Helping create and manage more effective re-marketing and display campaigns.
  3. Providing weekly AdWords training sessions via Skype.

Why AdPack?

Google Ads can be a valuable asset to your e-commerce business, but if you’re not constantly analyzing the data and tweaking your campaign to better suit your goals and audience, advertising can end up costing you more money than it generates.

With our Ads services, you not only get a better and more optimized campaign right out of the gate, but we even provide you the information and hands-on training you need to take the reins yourself once we’re done. You’ll be able to understand the ins and outs of Google Ads Management and how to maximize your advertising for minimal effort.

After 6-weeks process, you’ll have a better organized, more optimized campaigns, knowledge, tools and the skills you need to successfully manage it on your own.

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1. Account Setup

  • Understand your business
  • Research competitors & their Ads
  • Analyze your return on investment (ROI)
  • Define the account structure
  • Create strategy and campaigns
  • Set goals – micro & macro conversions

2. Performance Optimization

  • Weekly Educational Performance Calls
  • ROI Focused Bid & Budget Optimization
  • Quality Score Optimization
  • Location – Device – Hour/Time-Based Optimization
  • Ad Copy – Landing Page Optimization
  • Topic (Product – Service) Based Optimization

3. Delivery

  • Complete ownership handover
  • Deep 1-1 Google Ads training
  • Tools & Knowledge & Skills for independent management
  • Training for business-specific success
  • Detailed work log
  • Google Data Studio Report

Search Ads

  • 6-weeks success guaranteed formula
  • Daily optimization
  • High-quality traffic & weekly reviews
  • Deep search terms & keyword optimization
  • Custom audiences & segments

Shopping Campaigns

  • Set up the product feed
  • Product & Category & Interest-based ad groups
  • Improve the ROI of your shopping campaigns
  • Custom audiences & segments

Business-specific Google Ads Training

  • Weekly educational calls
  • Account handover training – recorded
  • Business-specific & custom-made blueprint
  • Focused on independent management

Ads – 6 Weeks

Includes a deep Ads account setup, daily optimizations, 4 training sessions, Google Tag Manager Setup, Google Data Studio Dashboard, conversion optimization, consultation and operation for 6 Weeks, know-how, tools and a blueprint to manage your account on your own.

AdPack - 6 Weeks for $1750
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I don't usually write a personal message about my experiences, but this was warranted. If you want to work with someone or get something done with passion, love, and with your best interest at hand, then please look no further. These guys will do their upmost best to get the results you are looking...

See the proof Jason Swann  -  Rising Routes, USA

Solverhood is a long term reliable partner we draw on continuously for advanced web and digital marketing solutions.

See the proof Michael S.  -  Workwave Agency

Great job digging into a narrow category and finding the most opportunities.

See the proof Mark K.  -  Nissan Dealer Florida

Lot's of flexibility need on this project. Appreciate the professionalism, expertise and partnership!

See the proof Michael S.  -  Workwave Agency

Erman and his team are Top Notch!

See the proof David Bradford  -  Fluent Worlds, VIEW, USA

Another excellent work of Erman and his team. Fixed security issues on our website in a few hours. They knew exactly what to do to solve the problem. A real professional team. We will be happy to work together again.

See the proof Carlos Arroyo Narvaez  -  Turnkey Point, Spain

Erman and the team at Solverhood really helped to straighten out the analytics, gtm and put a sound adwords structure in place. they continue to deliver with expertise, focus and integrity.

See the proof Michael St. Jacques  -  St. Jacques Marketing, USA

Great first experience with Erman. You'd better hire him quickly because I'm trying to find a way to keep him all to myself.

See the proof Kenrick Callwood  -  Plo Quick PRO, USA

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    AdPack FAQ

    How does it work?
    Why 6-weeks?
    What happens after 6-weeks?
    Do I need a setup if I already have campaigns running?
    What about Bing Ads?

    Bing Ads works with the exact same logic as Google Ads. We are happy to duplicate your campaigns to Bing and to apply the optimisations there as well.

    What about Facebook & Instagram Ads?

    We are not focused on Social Media Advertisement. AdPack is focused on Search Engine Ads (Google Ads and Bing Ads). We do not give a service based on Facebook Ads. However, we are happy to set up your Facebook Pixel and your Facebook retargeting (re-marketing) campaigns at no extra cost. We believe that’ll be a good addition to your Google Ads campaigns by retargeting them on social media.

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