We have been asked many times for Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and its setup on Shopify stores. GA4 is the new version of Google Analytics, and now it is the default option. If you were to create an account, the Analytics platform directly gives you the Google Analytics 4 option. However, Shopify is only integrated with Universal Analytics, the old version as of now. As GA4 carries many advantages, we have set it up for many Shopify stores – manually, using the codes our team has specially created for that purpose. 

Solverhood is created for entrepreneurs to solve their problems. Shopify is aligned with our mission and vision as most Shopify store owners are also entrepreneurs. Until now we have completed many projects for stores.

Why GA4 and GTM for Shopify Stores? 

That has been the main motivation to make a perfect solution and also make it available as a Shopify app. Long story short, Solverhood is proud to announce that we have created Analyzify the Shopify app for Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics 4, and advanced data analytics. 

Only paid option wasn’t our aim, we wanted to contribute to Shopify by providing a free (actually, freemium) solution to set up Google Analytics 4 on Shopify: Analyzify GA4 Wizard

You should definitely start using Google Analytics 4 for many reasons. Firstly, this is the default version now so Google will only invest in GA4 from now on. Older versions will slowly vanish. 

The second reason is that GA4 is great. It has many features that are not available in Universal Analytics. You can create incredible and thorough reports for your store, and it will help you optimize your store UI, conversion rates and marketing costs. The eCommerce section of GA4 reports is excellent. Also, GA4 is powered with AI so it will provide you with some predictions and insights. 

Last not but least, why not?! You should give GA4 a try and collect your data also in that new property. Don’t delete your Universal Analytics or remove the UA tracking code from your website. Use them both and start taking advantage of Google Analytics while you still keep your old setup. 

What’s next? 

There are not many options and methods in the market at the moment. You will either work with a professional to set up your GA4, use a paid app, or free Analyzify GA4 Wizard. Make your choice wisely! Our Analyzify app only costs $99 and provides you more than just a GTM & GA setup, and most importantly comes with world-class support.