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What is Logic Pack?

LogicPack WordPress Speed Optimization & Security Service keeps your website running at top speeds by fixing all of the hidden technical problems that are gumming up the works. Poor security can cause a lot of problems for your WordPress website. It leaves all of your data vulnerable to exploitation by hackers. It makes you susceptible to malware infections and hackers who can slow down your website or inject malicious redirects.

That’s why we’ve developed the LogicPack speed and security package as a way of providing the speed and protection your website needs to stay safe from malware, infections, all other kinds of online threats and works very smooth and fast. We scour your website for any speed and security breaches and repair the holes we find. Contact forms remain secure, and your website won’t be banned from Google because of hackers. You can relax knowing that LogicPack is improving your website.

Our team will
  1. Complete a custom, manual analysis of your website and identify all of the current and potential future problems that could slow your website down including code errors, extra codes, and outdated systems.
    Fix every error revealed by our manual analysis so that your website is fully optimized.
  2. Protect your website from malicious attacks and remove 9 different kinds of WordPress malware and infections.
  3. Repair WordPress hacks.
  4. Remove Google warnings and keep your website off of Google’s blacklist so customers can find you.
  5. Secure your contact form so that it continues to work properly.
We do it by
  1. Backing up your WordPress site so that you don’t lose any more data.
  2. Identify exactly which security holes were exploited by hackers.
  3. Close all security holes and ensure that there are no others that can be exploited. Meticulously scouring your site’s code and eliminating the useless bits that only slow things down.
  4. Getting rid of unnecessary plugins and installing the ones that best serve your website. Go through your core files, plug-ins, permissions, and more to ensure that access and data are as secure as possible.
  5. Optimizing your content, images, and themes by rewriting the code so that the website’s data can be loaded quickly.
  6. Manually remove all infections and any malicious code that has been injected into your website.
  7. Apply all necessary WordPress security measures to make sure you are fully protected in the future.

Why LogicPack?

Waiting for a website to load is frustrating. A slow website will not only cause more customers to get aggravated and leave before engaging with a website, but it will also send the website down into the lower rungs of Google’s search results, where no customer will bother to look. LogicPack eliminates this problem for you.

Without effective security solutions, your website is left exposed and vulnerable to vicious hackers, destructive malware, and nasty viruses. These unwanted attacks not only affect how well your website performs and how secure your data is, but they also put you at risk of being blacklisted by Google, which means any traffic from a Google search is frozen. Customers cannot view your site. Every week, about 20,000 websites are blacklisted by Google for containing malware, and another 50,000 sites are blacklisted for phishing.

Our LogicPack speed and security package keeps your website fast, clean and secure so that Google will find it user-friendly and no threat requiring your website to be blacklisted. This means that your site can still be found by potential clients, remain fully operational, and have a trustworthy reputation.

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Infections We Remove

  • Malware Injections
  • Google Blacklist
  • Google SERP Warnings
  • Defacements
  • Backdoors
  • Pharma Hacks
  • SEO Spam Injections
  • Phishing Files
  • Malicious Redirects

Hacking Response

  • WordPress backup to ensure that no further data is lost
  • Identify the security hole the malicious hacker exploited to hack your WordPress and close it
  • Manually clean the infection and any other malicious code injected in your website
  • Ensure that your WordPress installation has no other security holes that could be exploited by hackers.


  • WordPress Core Files
  • Installed WordPress Plug-ins
  • Files and Directory Permissions
  • WordPress database Privileges
  • Web Server Configuration and Permissions
  • WordPress Users Roles and Capabilities

Protect and Secure

  • Extra effort for malicious attacks and zero day vulnerabilities
  • Apply all other WordPress security measures to ensure that your WordPress blog or website is secured properly
  • Secure & Guarantee Contact Forms
  • Using Gmail API instead of WordPress Mail function
  • Showing all contact form entries on WordPress Dashboard
  • Auto Free Cloud Backup (Google Drive or Dropbox)


  • Optimize Javascript
  • Minify formatting codes (CSS)
  • Enhance text presentation codes (HTML)
  • Enable maximum compression
  • Defer parsing of Javascript

Review & Optimize

  • Optimize the order of styles and scripts
  • Combine CSS and JS Files
  • Review active plugins
  • Optimize Images
  • Review active theme


  • 1 Year License WP Rocket Plugin
  • Detailed performance audit report
  • CDN Installation and Configuration

Excellent work. They are fast and efficient. Although there were many additional problems, they have solved them perfectly. We also added a new milestone and they completed it immediately. Excellent communication, patient and understanding with all our requests. Always ready to clarify all our...

See the proof Francesc Tarres Moreno  -  WindowsKeysOnline.com, Spain

These guys are the best, I had a server hack that we all just thought where some "standard" wordpress malware. its wasn't: Even tho this was new case for them, within 3 hrs of my upwork post they worked non-stop for 3 days to get my sites back up. It was 100x more than I had expected. They even took...

See the proof Kaj Robert Hamre Eike  -  Sparking.no, Norway

The Solverhood Team offered a very effective solution for our issue with malware. Communication skills were very good and the job was handled very professionally.

See the proof Josh Hamit  -  Orpington Beauty, UK

Another excellent work of Erman and his team. Fixed security issues on our website in a few hours. They knew exactly what to do to solve the problem. A real professional team. We will be happy to work together again.

See the proof Carlos Arroyo Narvaez  -  Turnkey Point, Spain

Very professional and great communication. Highly suggested.

See the proof Murat Eryurekli  -  Eryurekli Law Firm, Turkey

Great first experience with Erman. You'd better hire him quickly because I'm trying to find a way to keep him all to myself.

See the proof Kenrick Callwood  -  Plo Quick PRO, USA

Very friendly and eager collaboration plus fast and professional working attitude. I am happy. Thank you Erman

See the proof Marco Fabian  -  MFG Marketing, Germany

Courteous and efficient - will use again!

See the proof Nicolas Gregoriades  -  Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood, UK

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